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Created by Sara Alfageeh, Abbas Rattani, and Yusuf Siddiquee

Come join us as we America-out in the form of a good fun MODERATE variety show. Yippee!! We want you to know that we’re true patriots and fun-loving United States Americans JUST like you. Don’t worry, we will denounce terrorism many times during the performance! Be our friends! PLEASE!



is a social performance in the form of a variety show. It champions the unapologetic self, complete with its vast multitudes, beautiful differences, and cultural complexities. GFMFC explores these concepts by caricaturing the way non-Muslims other their fellow Muslim citizens and the ways that American Muslims are forced to participate in their own othering.

The performance also lampoons efforts by Muslims who fall into the sociopolitical trap of “Good Muslims”, who are American as long as they assimilate and are self-hating. Muslims are forced to accept manufactured Islamophobic and racist stereotypes, forfeiting their own agency in self-identification. They are accepted as “American-adjacent” so long as they fit orientalist tropes and constantly prove that they are “loyal, fun-loving, ordinary” people.


So, let us prove it to you—we LOVE proving ourselves. Don’t you? 



August 17, 2019 @ The Shed in New York, NY

GFMFC Cast: Abbas Rattani, Ahmed Amer, Feda Eid, Sara Alfageeh, Iman AbdoulKarim, Aizzah Fatima

GFMFC Band: Abdulrahman Amer, Ala’ Jitan, Layla Yu, Salima Rah, Yusuf Siddiquee, Zika Masmoudi, NicKey Stringz, Nyuma Waggeh

September 7, 2019 @ Kennedy Center REACH in Washington, D.C.

GFMFC Cast: Abbas Rattani, Ahmed Amer, Mariam J

GFMFC Band: Abdulrahman Amer, Ala’ Jitan, Miss Undastood, Yusuf Siddiquee, Zika Masmoudi

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