Our team. Old school meets new school, with a creative team as creatively varied

as our projects at MIPSTERZ. 


Creative Director, Illustrator


Sara Alfageeh is a Jordanian-American illustrator and creative director. She is passionate about nuances in visual storytelling, and culturally diverse representation in media. Sara focuses on the spaces where art and identity intersect. 
She works primarily with digital mediums, but also knows the true satisfaction that can come from bold pen lines and fresh ink. 

She can be reached if you place a fresh cup of chai at dawn while humming out of tune, or by email at alfaillustration@gmail.com


Founder, Filmmaker, Producer

Abbas Rattani is Tanzanian-Indian American filmmaker, producer, and founder of MIPSTERZ. He is a strong advocate for individuality and self-expression in minority communities.

He can be found roaming the streets of NYC in an oversized airport jacket or by email at abbas@mipsterz.com"


Musician, Producer

Yusuf Siddiquee is a Bengali-American musician and Producer for MIPSTERZ. He is passionate about collaboration and programming all mediums of art.


He can be found tweaking synths and attempting to make pourover coffee in Brooklyn, NY or by email at yusuf@mipsterz.com

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